“Our aim is to monetize existing customer relations.
„Knowledge“ is the foundation of our business model.“


  • Knowledge of the home market and various international markets,
  • Knowledge of the key market players,
  • Knowledge of the various customer segments and their profiles,
  • Knowledge of the individual value of a customer and individual customer groups,
  • Knowledge of target-group-specific market potential,
  • Knowledge of other industries and their customers and their behavior,
  • Knowledge of technological progresses and foreseeable trends,
  • Knowledge of successful business model in other industries and their potential transformation,
  • Knowledge of altered customer behavior and the subsequent logical consequences.

The biggest problem for decision makers is:
they don’t know what they don‘t know!

Nowadays in almost every industry/sector the quality of products and services is the primary decision criterion for consumers. But the problem is: consumers presume the quality and most providers/offers are comparable on a consistent high level.

Success factor and distinguishing factor number one is: knowing the customers and esteeming them accordingly!

Fact is: most companies don’t know their customers – they are anonymous. Therefore these companies can’t speak about a relation with their customers. The demand-oriented dialog with customers becomes the decisive success factor.